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Product Design



I wanted to expand my knowledge of two-dimensional print design to three-dimensional constructions. Here are some projects that helped me learn the practices of digital rendering, laser cutting, and 3D printing. 


  • Wearable data in the form of a dress that represents data collected from the cities with the highest number of sky scrapers. The data visualization was coded in Processing and represented in the structure of the geometrical dress, constructed by hand with folded paper and glue. 

  • A color -changing jellyfish lantern, modeled on SolidWorks and laser cut from clear acrylic.

  • A xylophone toy with metal shopped, 3D printed, and laser cut components. The gears are adjustable so that they can hit each key attached to the mallets at different times, resulting in a customizable tune. The steel is cut to specific lengths to create a certain tone of sound when hit.

  • A Gameboy SP dissection and recreation (the game boy was taken apart and all the parts were remodeled digitally. The animation shows the culmination of this project.


  • The software I used for design and construction: Solidworks, Processing, and Sketch Up

  • The data visualization dress was the opener in the Penn Fashion Collective's Fall fashion show (modeled by Evy Kho)

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