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Digital Design



I have had the pleasure to work with engineers over the past years to design products and systems for and with them. Websites, iOS apps, HTML,

CSS, styling, wireframes, user interface, user experience, icons, design thinking, API's, javascript, back end, front end. I have learned how to speak their language. I myself have taken classes in java and html/css, and am minoring in Engineering Entrepreneurship, where I am able to communicate and problem solve with engineers in an academic setting every day. Here are some digital projects that I have worked on.


  • In Stream, a music app add-on that allows you and your friends to connect through music. 

  •, a snapchat add-on that I worked on with a team of three other engineers for 48 hours during PennApps, a world renowned hackathon.

  • Dear Fellow American - a project that explores the identity of an asian american. 


  • InStream and are both work-in-progress projects

  • Visit the full Dear Fellow American project here:

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