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Grid City Climbing



Grid City Climbing is a 22,000 square foot state of the art climbing gym opening in Fishtown, Philadelphia. The four partners who came to me with this project are committed to making their dream climbing gym a reality. They come from different backgrounds and career fields, but have one thing in common: a love for all things climbing. With a unique site and neighborhood, the goals of branding were to capture the energetic and friendly atmosphere of the climbing community, while still paying due diligence to the history of the town. The brand is tied around the concept of the knot and what it represents both in the history of Fishtown and the sport of climbing. 


  • Two different knots: the Fisherman's knot and the Figure Eight Retrace knot

  • Knots exist both as essential tools for rope climbing and also are an integral component of what drove commerce in the old fishing town

  • A circular logo shape that mimics the impression of a stamp that can be used on membership passes, paperwork, etc.

  • A logo with separable parts and pieces

  • A friendly rounded display font (Sequel) featuring an inviting color pairing that the climbing wall designers can have fun with


  • The actual climbing gym is in the planning and construction phase and will not be open until Spring 2018, so current work is all for the purposes of spreading the word throughout the community

  • The site of the climbing gym features a historically protected old painted rope shop sign on the exterior of the exposed brick wall (lucky coincidence!)

  • My background as a climbing instructor helped me a lot during the research phase of this project! 

  • Visit the website at:

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