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Book Design



I have a special interest in book design and binding and have so far created three books. One book is an 11x17 self-bound book using perfect glue binding and a canvas hard cover. The other two are on-demand printed books from Blurb. All three books feature original content.


  • One of A Kind - A book that explores the uniqueness of each individual while also demonstrating that at our core, we are all still human and will have some basis of relativity to each other. This book is self bound.

  • Pistilli - A book that celebrates the typeface Pistilli designed by Herb Lubalin, paired with excerpts from The Poem of the Body by Walt Whitman. The way the letterforms are displayed on a page and paired with poetry creates a sense of still-life portraits, romanticizing each letterform.

  • Let No Mournful Word be Said - A book of photographs depicting the typography on gravestones. Each photo highlights a name on a gravestone, but cropped so that a different word is formed out of the manipulated name. This is based on a poem by Edwin Arlington Robinson.


  • This page is in the process of getting updated photos of the books!

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